bams raves

Thanks to Bam for our beautiful anniversary bracelets. With a short brief of “something with stars to celebrate our first wedding anniversary; we were thinking bracelets”. The final hand-crafted pieces are fabulous and encompass both what we envisioned and true Bamstastic style. They are treasured by us both, we never take them off! Our pieces of unique Bamtastic jewelry.  ~Angie & Chris Heilmann





Hey Bam, Charlie grinned from ear to ear! He’s so chuffed and very impressed that his initials were on the tag. So a big thank you for helping me get him just what he wanted. ~ Fiona





bams raves ash

Fantastic, Bam. Cheers! Ash.









Finally after weeks of almost blurting out the secret I’ve been able to give Jeffiner her amazing birthday necklace, she loved it !
Just want to say thanks again Bam for your great skills and helping me make her very happy .
Cheers, Paddy