Wedding/Engagement Rings

Have a special day planned?

Join the rockers, rebels and lovers who’ve asked for their own custom designs for what will be one of the most momentous occasions of your life.

Get custom silver rings to always remember and sparkle your magnificent day!

Custom Silver Wedding Rings.
Custom Silver Engagement Rings.
Custom Silver Renewal vow jewelry.

Make it a SILVER day!

Janet & Justin
Ginny and James
Chris and Kate
Louis and his bride
David and his bride!

Custom silver rings that will speak to your hearts forever.

ginny-james-stacey chris-kate chris-kate2 love-bands skull-wedding1skullwedding  skull-wedding-ring louis-testimonialchris-kate

Bam, thank you so much. The rings arrived safe and sound and look fantastic, a very satisfied customer! ~ James. 

Hello Bam, I am Kate’s Mum. Just wanted to say Kate’s engagement ring is lovely and I know their weddings rings will be beautiful. ~ Jean.

Let me know what you’d like for your important day and we’ll create something spectacular!