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Treasure for Pleasure

Every year I’m amazed at the tourists that come here to South Florida. They gather on the beaches. Splash in the clear, blue water. And hunt for treasures. I have a habit of snorkeling at our local beaches and finding all sorts of beautiful shells. I usually walk along the shore and give the shells to […]

The Next Big Thing in Jewelry

Fashion magazines are always harping about what’s next in the jewelry world. Will it be chunky metal bangles? Or how about mood rings having a comeback? Or is it the oh-so-Bond-like Magnum Cufflinks? Or maybe… it’s simply timeless silver that you can wear for a lifetime. Yeah. The trends come and go. But the quality […]

3 Ways To Know if Your Silver Is Sterling

You open up your box of jewelry and you see a bunch of what you think is silver in there. But you’re not sure. There was sure a lot of chunky metal treasures that circulated in the 80’s! Lots of pieces are made with nickel and stainless steel instead of silver but you, of course […]

How Pure Is It?

In Spinal Tap, there’s a classic scene about the new album…. which is hmmm… black. Nigel Tufnel says: “There’s something about this that’s so black, it’s like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.” When I set out to make silver jewelry, I set out with the […]

Guitar Pic

The classic guitar pic with a skull on it. Does it get more rock n roll than this? I always thought Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top ought to have one of these. If you’re looking for a gift for a dude, a rocker, a guitar player… this is the perfect choice.  When you place an […]

Skulls, Skulls & More Skulls

It’s no secret that I create a lot of skulls in Bamtastic Silver. After living in Los Angeles for several years, the day of the dead designs rubbed off on me. Here’s just a few of the skulls that are inspired by the art in East LA. Our house is even more covered in skulls […]


Bamtastic Silver creations definitely relies upon inspiration. I turn to music a LOT of course. It is my muse for jewelry. While I’m sawing, soldering and forging… I like to spin a vinyl record and when one side of the album is done… I know it’s time for a break. Fav album still to this day? […]

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