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I’m grateful for the opportunity to make silver jewelry and infuse each piece with passion and love..

About Bamtastic Silver

CEO and founder of Bamtastic

I’ve always hit things…. Drummer, Artist, Dreamer… Renaissance Man. Bam Ross aka Captain aka Bam Bam. CEO and founder of Bamtastic. It’s true. You can ask me mum. She’ll tell ya.

I’ve always hit things. Even as a wee lad. It was inevitable I would become a drummer in a rock n roll band, The Dogs D’amour and tour the globe. A rather notorious reputation came about from various hijinx and my love of all things piratey and sterling silver had begun.

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During some down time in Brighton, UK, I learned the fine art of silver-smithing and began to shape the flat metal into hearts and skulls.

Using hammers and files and chisels and fire with metal is a boyhood dream come true.

After moving to America where I met my wife, I designed our wedding rings on the back of a paper bag and sent it to a friend to create as I didn’t have the space or tools to make it myself. But I was so determined to gift my wife with a custom piece of jewelry that I used a drumstick as a mandrel and made her an engagement ring. She wears it to this day despite its flawed craftsmanship.

Now living in South Florida, I was finally able to set up my workshop and take my visions and craft them into reality.

I’m fascinated with all things rock n roll. Skulls, hearts, stars, bullets, snakes, rockets, dog tags, etc.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to make silver jewelry and infuse each piece with passion and love.

Hey Bam, Charlie grinned from ear to ear! He’s so chuffed and very impressed that his initials were on the tag. So a big thank you for helping me get him just what he wanted
Fiona & Charlie
Finally after weeks of almost blurting out the secret I’ve been able to give Jeffiner her amazing birthday necklace, she loved it ! Just want to say thanks again Bam for your great skills and helping me make her very happy .

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